November 8th | Brussels, Belgium

Global Summit Greenwashing Legal Risk Management & Compliance Strategies 2022

About the summit

Greenwashing Legal Risks Management and Compliance Strategies is a one-day conference held in Brussels, BE, on November 8, 2022. The event will focus on the possibilities of adopting new legal and compliance practices that could assist in mitigating legal risks associated with greenwashing claims, as well as gaining practical experience in dispute settlement and litigation.


At this summit, the in-house counsels are in the spotlight. The aim of the gathering is to provide maximum networking opportunities, as well as to share practical experiences and case studies to support the activities of corporate legal and  compliance teams. As the topics addressed at the summit can be of sensitive nature, the Chatham House rules apply.



Airlines & Aviation
Heavy machinery
Oil & Gas
Transportation & Marine shipping

Job Titles:

Legal & Compliance

• General Counsel
• Regulatory Counsel
• Corporate Counsel
• Litigation Counsel
• Competition Law Counsel
• Legal Counsel
• Regulatory Compliance
• Environmental / ESG Compliance

Sustainability & ESG & Corporate HSE

• Corporate Sustainability
• Sustainable Development
• Emission Reduction
• Carbon Reduction
• Impact

Marketing & Communication

• Environmental communications
• Brand protection
• Product
• Business Development
• PR
• Investor Relations

Attending this premier Future Bridge Summit will enable you to:

• Gain a deep understanding of the latest environmental regulatory updates and their effect on different industries, companies, and markets

• Learn about the practical implications of The EU Misleading and Comparative Advertising Directive on enforcing greenwashing claims

• Develop a proactive environmental communication strategy to avoid legal disputes, build customer trust, and mitigate business risks

• Identify strategies for distinguishing between greenwashing and environmental communication to avoid legal damages

• Advance organization-wide compliance program to minimize the risks of greenwashing claims 

• Prepare your company for the dawn raid scenario

• Deepen your understanding of greenwashing litigation within the EU competition law, as well as the national, pan-European, and international scene

• Develop a strong legal foundation to effectively deal with greenwashing litigation in high-value consumer class actions


Meet some of our Speakers and Panelists:

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Yves Bock_Siemens

Yves Bock

General Counsel Smart Infrastructure


Thomas Högfors

Global General Counsel, Motion


Sonia Fernández Lovelle

Western and Southern Europe Legal Director

Rémi Nouailhac_TotalEnergies

Rémi Nouailhac

Head of Legal / Sustainability

1542885687138 (1)

Giulia Abbagnale

Head of Consumer & Brand Identity Protection

Holly Stebbing_Norton Rose Fulbright

Holly Stebbing


Ailsa Zoya Longmuir_Centrica

Ailsa Zoya Longmuir ​

General Counsel, Energy Marketing and Trading & Centrica Business Solutions

Valentina Laroccia_Eni Plenitude

Valentina Laroccia

Head of Antitrust, Market Analysis and Energy Regulation Compliance

Why this summit

This conference reacts to the increasing number of greenwashing cases both seen in the court of law and the court of public opinion. Future Bridge has assembled a group of prominent industry leaders to address the major legal risks associated with greenwashing and provide best practices companies can adopt to mitigate them. The conference is designed for industry leaders in sectors that are particularly susceptible to public opinion and subject to green regulations, including Energy, Heavy Machinery, Cosmetics, Food, and others. During this event, established legal professionals across multiple sectors will get to exchange ideas and experiences through reviewing related case studies and legal practices.
The summit will offer guidance and direction to ensure your company is on the right path to adopting new practices that will reduce your company’s legal risks associated with greenwashing. The program will provide executives and legal representatives from selected industries with opportunities to network, exchange ideas, and benefit from insights into ways to successfully prevent liabilities for misleading sustainability advertising.

The time is now

As the global concern for the environment grows and governments enact stricter regulations, businesses must find new ways to ensure that their operations remain compliant. It is no secret that the number of greenwashing court cases in the EU has increased since the implementation of the Commission’s legal measures to combat climate change. Similarly, the revisions of the EU directives on advertising and commercial practices will undoubtedly result in the appearance of an even more profound regulatory landscape for organizations across a variety of industries. Most importantly, as consumer behavior has evolved over the last decade, trust and reputation have become key considerations in purchasing decisions. To meet the changing needs of the market, a company must continue to adjust its brand image to reflect environmental concerns. As regulations increase, companies with poor environmental records may find themselves facing increasingly expensive and damaging lawsuits. Thus, it is important for businesses to understand how to mitigate their environmental liabilities.

Pre-Conference Podcasts


The conference will feature insightful presentations, networking breaks, exchanges of business cards, legal case studies, and panel discussions.

The summit will start with keynote speeches on the upcoming EU climate regulatory developments and a detailed discussion concerning greenwashing vs. sustainable communication discrepancies. Followed by the morning networking break and business card exchange, speakers will delve into effective environmental communication strategies. After the first round of speeches, the participants will enjoy a cross-industry panel discussion and have a lunch break.

During the afternoon session, the delegates will examine effective compliance mechanisms, overview impactful greenwashing legal cases, and analyze greenwashing litigation on three different levels. The afternoon will conclude with a networking break before the closing panel discussion.

Get the full scoop on the ‘Greenwashing Legal Risk Management & Compliance Strategies Summit 2022’ agenda by requesting a copy of our official conference brochure.

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